Public Sociology (Applied Sociology)

British-American sociologist Michael Burawoy (1947-), in the article "For Public Sociology" (2005), and in the book Public Sociology (2021) presents arguments for the development of public sociology.  He sees public sociology as critical and engaged sociology that should deal with the public, and be written for the public. Public sociology should be politically engaged in four fields: professional politics, practical politics, politics that stimulate public debate, and increasing political awareness of students by stimulating critical deliberation. Other authors like David Riesman and Helmut Schelsky also saw the need for applied or public sociology, although their approaches differ from that of Burawoy.

Authors: Burawoy, Michael; Riesman, David; Schelsky, Helmut.


Burawoy. „For Public Sociology”, in American Sociological Review (2005);

     -     Public Sociology (2021);

Riesman. A Lonely Crowd: A Study of the Changing American Character (1950). 


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