Galpin, J. Charles

Galpin, J. Charles

Bio: (1864-1947) American sociologist. Charles Galpin is one of the founders of rural sociology. He taught agricultural economics and sociology at the University of Wisconsin. For many years he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture in Washington, where, at the national level, he organized field research on social trends and living conditions in rural areas. The results of this research are presented in the book The Social Anatomy of an Agricultural Community (1915). Galpin coined the term "rurban" to better explain the relationship between village and town. With this concept, he wanted to point out the fact that communities are rarely purely rural or urban, but usually, within a larger rural community, there is a local urban center where people from rural areas perform various activities every day.


Main works

Rural Social Problems (1914);

The Social Anatomy of an Agricultural Community (1915);

Rural Life (1918);

My Drift into Rural Sociology (1937).

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